The Question of the Missing Head - An Asperger's Mystery by E.J. Copperman and Jeff Cohen

Samuel Hoenig owns a business called "Questions Answered." He would like everyone to know that he is NOT
a private detective. He simple answers questions for a living. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome and this helps him out enormously. He can always find the answer. But his most recent question has him somewhat stumped. He is asked to find
out who stole a cryogenicaly preserved head from the Garden State Cryonics

He is in luck however (and this is an idiom he wouldn’t
understand) because Ms. Washburn had just arrived to help with another question
and now she can help him with this one. Samuel arranges to investigate the Institute
and when he does he realizes his case of a missing head has turned into a
murder investigation. With his
methodical, precise skills Samuel and Ms. Washburn begin their investigation. They investigate everyone - the company president, the head of security and his wife, and other doctors working at the Institute. Samuel methodically eliminates suspects until he is left with the family of the woman whose head is missing. But would they make a ransom demand of themselves? Samuel keeps digging placing himself in danger until he can solve the case.

This book is short, sweet and a fast read.
Somewhat quirky, it details how Samuel's Asperger’s helps him. He doesn’t consider it an affliction, but a
plus in his life, and in this instance it most certainly is.  Ms.Washburn exhibits a patience for Samuel
that helps him along. Her character is a
perfect foil for Samuel’s.

The book is written by two men: E.J. Copperman who writes the Haunted Guesthouse Mysteries, and Jeff Cohen who is the author of 2 books on Asperger's syndrome. Cohen's background gives Samuel's character a very real feel and Copperman lends his expertise to the mystery.
I liked this book. A new kind of cozy mystery, this book is perfect if you're looking for something new in mysteries.

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