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The Lake House by Kate Morton

The Lake House by Kate MortonThis is a nice long (598 pages) saga from the author of previous favorites The Secret Keeper and The House at Riverton.

The book alternates between post war 1933 and the present, and is set in London and rural Cornwall. It is categorized as fiction, though much of the story is centered on solving mysteries.

In the contemporary story, Detective Inspector Sadie Sparrow has been hard at work investigating the case of a young London girl found abandoned, her mother missing. Sadie breaks two cardinal rules of police work - she gets too close to the child’s grandmother, and she talks to the press, saying the case was closed prematurely. Forced to take a month off work for her transgressions, Sadie goes to stay with her grandfather Bertie in Cornwell. There, she stumbles upon an unsolved mystery from 1933. The child of a prominent family went missing, shortly after the nanny was fired. On that same night, a dear friend of the family was found dead, and the gardener abruptly departed. With help from a heroic librarian, a celebrated local mystery author (the last living member of that prominent family), Sadie starts putting the pieces together.

Lush descriptions of the countryside, interesting relationships, beautiful old country houses and mysteries waiting to be solved keep you turning the pages. Throw in some clandestine romance, secret staircases, letters kept in triplicate, and you’ve got a great read. Everything is tied up neatly at the end, which will make readers happy.



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