Speaking From Among the Bones

Flavia is back! It's March 1951 and Flavia and her sister, Ophelia are in church . Ophelia is practicing the organ pieces for Easter mass since the regular organist has recently disappeared. Falvia is excited since the church is going to disinter the bones of the Church's patron saint for the quincentenary of his death. The saint is rumored to have been buried with "Lucifer's stone," a diamond. Flavia thinks that maybe the stone can be used to help her father's money problems.

Flavia is on her usual course of murder and mayhem. The body of the organist is found on top of the crypt of the saint. The organist has been murdered. A secret tunnel is found leading from the graveyard into the crypt area under the church and the crypt of the saint has already been looted.

More mysteries abound in the form of strangers who have materialized  during the raising of the grave. The Bishop's secretary (Parr) and Mr. Sowerby, a friend of the vicar's are very interested in the stone. But it appears to be missing and just who murdered the organist? And just what is going on in the magistrate's house?

I love these books. There are easy to read and Flavia is a delight.  But she appears to be growing up, even though she still has her trusty bicycle, Gladys. There are some twists and turns but the ending was a complete surprise! I recommend these books - they are like seeing an old friend.

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