So Cold the River

So Cold the River is more than just the a story of a down and almost out film maker. Eric Shaw who has been hounded out of Hollywood is reduced to making videos for weddings and funerals to make ends meet. His wife has left him and his queue of jobs is very short. Alyssa Bradford approaches Shaw after she sees a film he did for a funeral. Bradford wants Shaw to make a film of her father-in-law Campbell Bradford. Bradford is a 95 year old, dying billionaire and his life is mysterious. The only facts known are his home town and that he was involved with a water business. He has kept a mysterious bottle of water with him.

Shaw decides to take the job. His first stop is the hospital where Campbell is. After setting up his cameras Shaw asks Campbell questions and receives answers. But when he reviews his film, there is nothing there. Just Shaw's voice. Undeterred and more than a little confused, Shaw travels down to French Lick, Indiana. There are 2 hotels in town: the French Lick Springs Resort and the West Baden Hotel. Both hotels have been redone after falling into disrepair. The area is filled with natural springs which were used to support the water company Bradford was involved with. Shaw checks into the West Baden Hotel.

Once at the hotel, strange things start to happen. Shaw starts having visions after he drinks the water from Campbell's bottle. People try to stop him from investigating Campbell and a local man really stirs things up when he starts to take on the persona of a dead relative.

While creepy things happen to Shaw and his friend Kellen, the book is not really creepy. Stephen King lite - maybe. The story moves along at a brisk pace. The strange things that happen just add another layer to the story. The writing is crisp and well done. You can almost see the same hallucinations Shaw does. This book is a great read for those who like a little paranormal activity in their books but not at the Stephen King or Dean Koontz level.

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