Skeleton Box

The latest Starvation Lake book opens in the locker room after a hockey game. Gus, the goalie and disgraced reporter, is having some beer with his teammates when the local sheriff wanders in and says Gus must leave with him. There have been a series of burglaries in Starvation Lake, while the home owners were out at bingo. Gus's mother's house is the latest and  this break-in  involves a murder.
Phyllis Bontrager, a neighbor was watching Gus's mom, was injured in the break- in.  She is the mother of Darlene Esper, Gus' ex- girlfriend.  It doesn't look good - Phyllis is severely injured and Gus's mother have memory problems. Nothing is ever taken in the burglaries, but the houses are messed up as if someone is looking for something. Luke Whistler, a reporter for the paper can hardly wait to investigate.  Gus is the current editor of the local paper.
The  exploits of the local hockey team run through the background of the story, it is after all state championship time. Small town politics, religious fanaticism and disorder and people who are not whom they appear are all in this story. This is a nice mystery, the story just flows along and it ties up some strings left over from the previous books. It works as a stand alone, however mostly because of the secret that Gus' mother has been keeping for years. That secret is at the heart of the story.

I have liked all the books in this series, they are a nice mystery with an interesting main character.

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