Take a trip (as in psychedelic) back to the 1960's. Think Castro, Cuba, Timothy Leary, CIA psychological testing, the Chicago mafia, sleeper spies and John F. Kennedy's assassination. This book has it all. Switching between Cuba, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Virginia the story weaves it's way through the CIA's plots of the 1960's.

Starting in Cuba just after the failed attempt on Castro's life, the book takes off. Castro is still alive and the Soviet Union has apparently stashed a nuclear warhead in Cuba along with all those missiles. A rogue CIA operative, Melchoir, one of the "three wisemen," is in the hunt for not only the nuke but control of something called "Orpheus."

Who or what is Orpheus? And what does it have to do with Kennedy's assassination? Plenty according to this story. Orpheus is a person but started out as a theory. The project is a mind control/ mind altering project by the CIA. LSD in varying amounts is given to 'volunteers' in the hope that it will allow a controller to take over another person's thoughts and actions. The program is a bust until the LSD is accidentally taken by the wrong person. Orpheus is born. Massive amounts of LSD allow Chandler to not only connect with someone else's brain, it allows him to hijack their thoughts and control their actions. He can actually create an alternate reality for someone.

Melchoir is now hunting Chandler. Chandler is searching for Naz. B.C. is looking for all of them. The story races through the U.S. and Cuba. Secret agents, double agents and people strung out on drugs all meet up in Dallas in November 1963.

Will Chandler's powers be susceptible to control by Melchoir? Who exactly is Naz? Is Lee Harvey Oswald really a sleeper agent? Drugs and conspiracy theories abound. A fast moving read shedding no more light on the Kennedy assassination but instead adding yet another theory. Fans of 1960 history and conspiracy buffs will definitely enjoy this book.

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