Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

This is an engaging thriller, but Gone Girl II it is not. One reviewer wrote Reconstructing Amelia reads like "Gossip Girl" meets "Law and Order" and that's not far off.

The story begins when attorney, New Yorker, and single mom Kate gets a call from her daughter's prep school. Amelia, who is a model student (or is she?), is involved in a "disciplinary issue" and must be picked up from school right away. Kate says she can be there in 20 minutes, but she ends up taking an extra hour to reach the school. When she does arrive, it is moments after her only child went off the school roof and did not survive. Weeks after Amelia's death, Kate is still holed up in her brownstone, alternating between feelings of grief and guilt, because she feels "it was Kate's fault, of course, that Amelia was dead. That she had killed herself. It was a mother's job to protect her child, even from herself." 

But then the anonymous text messages start coming. The first one simply says, "Amelia didn't jump."  The next one adds, "You know it and I know it." Soon Kate is obsessed with learning everything she can about Amelia's final weeks, reconstructing her life by talking to her teachers, her friends, and their parents; pouring over her Facebook page, her photos, her emails, and her texts. Was her daughter the person she thought she was? Was she engaging in bad behavior? Was she being bullied? Did Amelia really jump off the school roof, or was it an accident? Or could she have been pushed!

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