Little Known Facts by Christine Sneed

The book jacket blurb of Little Known Facts
  compares the main character, Renn Ivins, to Harrison Ford. But seriously, how could he be anyone but a
clone of George Clooney? Renn is a 52-year-old handsome movie star who
also directs significant films, is loved by women (and probably men as well) of
all ages, is generous to friends and to causes, and has homes in L.A. and
Italy. Where the match-up fails is that unlike Clooney who has no children, Renn
has a pair of grown offspring from the first of his two failed marriages, and those
kids are giving him trouble.

Though his daughter’s love interest is causing
Renn stress, it is his son Billy who gives him true distress. Although trust-fund
Billy (now trying to reboot as "Will") has never quite found his purpose in
life, he has identified stealing his father’s girlfriend as a potential goal.
Complicating matters is that Billy’s own gal pal has eyes for his father.

Each chapter of the book is told by a
different character, and like pieces of a mosaic, they add up to an interesting
and relatable piece of art. The writing is graceful and witty and the author
really seems to have insight into what it’s like to be famous. If you liked last year's popular
Beautiful Ruins, you’ll probably also enjoy Little Known Facts.

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