Dan Brown's newest thriller once again has symbologist Robert Langdon on the run and in the company of a beautiful woman. Langdon wakes up in a hospital in Italy with no memory of how he got to Italy much less the hospital. What he does remember was that he was in Boston, some people are chasing him and he has been shot but survived. Sienna Brooks, an English speaking doctor is helping him in more than a medical way - she smuggles him out of the hospital after an assassin comes after him, killing another doctor. But Sienna has her own secrets.

The assassin, Vayentha, is from a secret world wide sect called the Consortium. And she is indeed trying to kill him.  Langdon and Sienna are off, hiding in her apartment before the Italian police and the people in the black vans find them. Off they run again, racing through Italy. The reason everyone is after Langdon, he is carrying a computer generated rendering of Botticelli's painting of Dante's Inferno. The picture contains a map and Langdon must follow the clues to help prevent world wide disaster set off by a bio scientist who belongs to a group following beliefs of trans humanism.

The story line starts somewhere in the middle. The back story, the scientist, trans humanism and what it means, Sienna's background and how Langdon came to be in Florence, Italy are revealed slowly through out the book. The search for the missing doomsday device and the deciphering of the clues drives the story. Written in Brown's short chapters the book really moves along. Spoon feeding information about Florence, secret world organizations and Dante's Divine Comedy the book just moves. Yes, it is filled with the usual bad guys, and double crosses and yes, once again, Langdon comes through in the end with the help of a beautiful, smart woman and his famous memory. But, I really liked this book. It has lots of really great information about Florence and Dante's Inferno not to mention paintings by Botticelli. I think this is his best. Definitely read this.

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