How to Train a Train

written by Jason Carter Eaton
illustrated by John Rocco

The kids of Glencoe love trains, it’s not hard to see. And now there is a book to help control the train bug: How to Train a Train. This isn’t your ordinary train book, though. After an overview of the different types of trains, this book gives step-by-step instructions of how to capture a train in the wild, house break it, and even teach it tricks like fetch and rolling over. From naming your train, to bathing him, to making sure your train is happy in his new home (“Don’t worry. You’ll know”), this book has got it all. By the end, you will have your very own lovable pet train!

A clever play on words in the title, How to Train a Train is much more than meets the eye. The expressive, full-page illustrations that depict each step of the “training” process are worth a second (or third!) glance, as the first one will have you rolling around with laughter. In fact, most of the humor in this title is found within the juxtaposition of sparse words on the page and their matching illustrations (“Start with a simple trick…” showing a train rolling over “then move on to something harder” showing a close-up of a ginormous train jumping through a hoop of fire held by a young boy). This book is best for children ages three to five years old who love trains, love pets, or just love a funny story.

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