History Decoded: The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of all Time by Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer has written a book about what he considers to be the 10 greatest conspiracies of all time. Starting with whether John Wilkes Booth was actually killed in the barn on Garrett's farm or whether it was a setup, and ending with the Kennedy assassination. In between there is DB Cooper's hijacking, the Spear of Destiny and something called the Georgia Guidestones among others.

Each unsolved mystery is a separate chapter, complete with exhibits. These exhibits are contained in an envelope at the beginning of the chapter. While they are referred to in the text, each chapter is complete without looking at them. Although the 3 dimensional rendering of the Georgia Guidestones is really good!

This is not a typical non-fiction book, this one definitely reads like fiction - after all Meltzer is most known for his fiction. It is undeniably fun in a quirky sort of way. Conspiracy theorists will love this book as will most jr. high aged boys. I had a good time with this book and definitely recommend it!

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