Heat Wave

For anyone who has watched the tv series, Castle, this book will be very familiar. Castle is now a magazine writer named Rook, but Nikki Heat is still a NYPD homicide detective with her 2 squad members, Raley and Ochoa, known collectively as "Roach."
The book reads just like the television show is laid out. Start with a murder and add twists and turns until you reach the point of solving the crime.
The characters are well drawn, with enough mystery surrounding them - what exactly happened to Heat's mother? and tension - will Heat and Rook get together? - to keep the story moving.
A short book at only 196 pages it's the kind of fast read that is a perfect escape from the winter weather.
Reader's should be aware that the author "Richard Castle" is not a real author, he is a television character. The awards listed in his bio on the book jacket do not exist and "In a Hail of Bullets" is not a real book. But, don't let any of that stop you from reading the very real "Heat Wave."

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