The God of the Hive

The latest in the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes mystery series, The God of the Hive starts off right where The Language of Bees ends. Mary has escaped with Damian's daughter, Estelle. Holmes has fled with Damian and Mycroft is in London trying to help them both. Thomas Brothers survives what Holmes and Russell are sure is a fatal shooting and fire. The question soon becomes who is backing him, where is Mycroft and why are there warrants out for the arrest of Holmes and Russell?

The plot winds its way around not only multiple countries, but through multiple plot lines as well. Running through Scotland, England and Holland Holmes and Russell have separated and are moving through different countries trying to survive. With Damian seriously wounded Holmes must protect him. With Estelle in tow, Russell must not only protect her but must find out if Damian is alive, and who is trying to kill them all.

Characters from previous stories make reappearances. Mycroft appears throughout the story as does Javitz ( the American pilot) and Inspector Lestrade. Add in a mysterious hermit and secrets involving Whitehall and you have one rollicking good story.

These are well written mystery books. The characters are interesting and relate well to each other. The story lines are interesting as well. This one involved spy plots in Great Britain after WWI and corruption in the highest levels of the government of Great Britain. I recommend this book ( and Laurie King's others as well). It's simply a great mystery read.

The God of the Hive: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes
By King, Laurie R.
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