Early Chapter Books for the New Year


election day disaster

The Election-Day Disaster  by Ron Roy (J SERIES Capital Mystery


Simple to follow, this 90 page mystery is both entertaining and packs in a lot of information about how the government works.  Illustrations, repetitive vocabulary, and short chapters will appeal to kids transitioning from easy readers to longer chapter books.  Readers will be able to follow the main characters, KC and Marshall, throughout the series as they learn about politics, history and hone their detective skills.






geronimo stilton

The Mouse House Hunter  by Geronimo Stilton (J SERIES Geronimo Stilton

Each book covers a ridiculous episode in the mouse reporter Geronimo Stilton’s life.   Here Geronimo must find a way to sell his house in time to save the newspaper from closing.  Around 100 pages in length, these books are definitely worth the read.  The silly language, over the top plots, and bright funny illustrations make this book perfect for any young jokester.  








Cat Crime ClubThe Cat Crime Club by Steve Korté Illustrated by Art Baltazar (J SERIES DC Super Pets)

These brief stories are perfect for any super hero lover. The books are only around 60 pages and written by various authors, but have the same illustrator so they have a distinct DC cartoon look and feel. In the books, the pets of famous super heroes have the same magical powers as their owners which they use to fight crime. Here Krypto the Super-Dog and his fellow space canine patrol agents fight the cat crime club. With a simple but fun plot line, DC Super pets are perfect for any superhero and animal lovers alike.







Miranda the beauty fairyMiranda The Beauty Fairy by Daisy Meadows (J SERIES Rainbow Magic)

These books are perfect for any young fairy lover in your life. Each roughly 70-page story follows human girls helping their fairy counterparts to restore balance in the human world by recovering magical items. Every story is style and glitter soaked so the main appeal of these books with simple plot is the magical aspect of the world that these books are set in.








Abe 2Abe Lincoln At Last! by Mary Pope Osborne (J SERIES Magic Tree House)

The Magic Tree House series has always been classic fun for children. Each book takes the reader to a different location in time and teaches them about the person or event in question while also weaving the lessons together with a strong plot that carries over from book to book. These books are engrossing and perfect companions to teaching about history. At 110 pages, these books are for the child advancing toward longer books with fewer illustrations.



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