Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger, by Beth Harbison

Sometimes you’re not in the mood to eat a meal at a fine-dining restaurant. A fast-food cheeseburger will satisfy. Sometimes you’re not in the mood to read a book by a brilliant literary author. Beth Harbison will satisfy.

Harbison’s When in Doubt, Add Butter was a fun read for me last year, and its title has become
my mantra. While I can’t say either one
those statements is true in regards to her latest book, I felt compelled to
find out which of two brothers main character Quinn Barton awarded the wrong
finger to.

Ten years earlier, Quinn left groom Burke Morrison at the
altar when his best man pulled her aside to say her intended had cheated on her
multiple times. To complicate matters
further, the best man was Burke’s brother Frank. And to kick the craziness up another notch, Quinn
becomes a runaway bride and heads to Vegas with Frank. But that relationship didn’t work out either.

After she returns from her version of "The Hangover," Quinn
ends up solo, working in her family’s Middleburg, Virginia, bridal shop for nearly a decade.
Then the Morrison boys' grandmother decides to marry a younger guy she met
online. The upcoming nuptials in
Middleburg bring both Burke and Frank back to town, and bring their grandmother
to Quinn’s bridal shop for the perfect dress.

Even though she’s
been away from them for a third of her life, the pull of this family - a kindly
grandma and her two hot grandsons - throws Quinn off kilter. When the memories
flood in, the story alternates between present day and flashbacks, beginning
with the time Quinn and Burke met outside the high school cafeteria. She was immediately smitten with those
"warm blue eyes, dark lashes, sharp cheekbones." It was a mutual attraction. Was it her imagination, or was Burke's handsome
brother secretly crushing on her too? If
so, was he telling her the truth when he said Burke was a cheater, or did he
just want the couple to break up so that he could rescue her? Is Burke the "wrong guy" referred to in the
title, or is Frank, who she picked for her Vegas escapade? And will one of them now become the right
guy, as in "Mr. Right"?

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