Bond on Bond

Just in time for the new James Bond movie Skyfall (opening Friday) we've got a fun new addition to celebrity books as Roger Moore himself takes us through 50 years(!) of James Bond on film in Bond on Bond. Moore goes out of his way to include trivia and history encompassing all the Bonds, although his best stories are his most personal ones.

Both Moore and co-writer Gareth Owen, who also helped Moore's earlier autobiography My Word is My Bond, do an excellent job in exuding what we assume is Roger Moore's real charming voice. The sound of the writing is somewhere between Moore's Bond and wealthy playboy, which makes it even easier to enjoy the many anecdotes that populate the book.

We learn of Moore's relationship with the other Bonds, and despite our desire to see him compete with Sean Connery in the public's eye the men appear to be friendly with each other. In fact, Moore states that Connery is his favorite Bond (besides himself, of course!) We also get colorful stories about the rest of the actors, producers, stunt people and directors who brought Bond to life. In fact, the only person in the book that Moore seems to dislike is Grace Jones, his costar from his final Bond flick, although his comments towards her are more snarky than mean.

The book is also filled with a potpourri of backstage photos, old advertisements, and my favorites, the old movie posters for every Bond film. We also get handy tips on how to dress, drink and smoke like Bond. It's also a treat that Moore treats Connery's Never Say Never Again (which competed with Moore's Octopussy at the box office) and the earlier comedic Casino Royale (starring Woody Allen and David Niven) as part of the Bond canon.

I'm not going to even pretend that this book has any depth, but it's a quick, fun read that you can knock off while getting your Bond fix on DVD at home. We can all argue about who made the best Bond but until Sean Connery writes his Bond-focused memoir we'll all have to agree that this is the best Bond-written Bond book around!

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