Andrew's Favorite Junior High Series Picks


ranger ap ruins

Book One:  The Ruins of Gorlan  by John Flanagan  

Series: Ranger's Apprentice 

Junior High 

In this example of realistic fantasy, John Flanagan introduces the reader to Will, a fifteen-year-old boy hand selected to join the elite “Rangers” who protect the medieval Kingdom of Araluen (the book’s equivalent of Great Britain) from danger.  In an action packed story, we see the main character not only complete his training but also try and save the kingdom from destruction.  A very engrossing read, the Ruins of Gorlan, and the Rangers Apprentice series as a whole is perfect for action lovers and provides a story that is hard to put down.     





Book One: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz                                      

Series: Alex Rider

Junior High 

While only around 230 pages in length, Anthony Horowitz’s Stormbreaker packs a lot of action and feeling into those pages.  Centering around fifteen year old Alex Rider, a student in London whose uncle, recently killed in a “car crash”, was revealed to be an agent for MI6.  As a result, Alex gets drawn into action, going to finish his uncle’s mission.  In a James Bond like adventure, Alex saves the day and explores many societal themes, creating a very entertaining but also thought- provoking read.  









Book One:  Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Series: The Seeds Of America Trilogy

Junior High

This historic novel is a beautiful exploration of class, race, and American identity in the shadow of the 1777 British invasion of New York City.  The book centers on Isabel, a 13 year old slave who works in the household of a prominent Tory family, which becomes a hub for British officers after they retake the city.  Presented with the opportunity to become a spy for the rebel forces she has to make a decision on whether or not to risk her safety to help the struggling American cause.  















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