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Mystery Reader: Life On Mars

Are you mystery reader this week in your child’s school?  In our blog column “Mystery Reader Picks” we would like to offer you book suggestions for your school visit.  Our librarians recommend favorite read aloud choices for kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Check back every other week for a new title and stop by or give us a call for many more selections.    

Mystery Reader Picks:

LifeOnMarsLife On Mars 

by Jon Agee 

K - 2nd Grade 

Jon Agee does it again.  If you liked It's Only Stanley, and who wouldn't, you will enjoy Agee's whimsical space exploration-centric Life on Mars.  A lone astronaut sets out to prove that there is in fact life on Mars.   He is disappointed, but wait! Not so fast...  

Large images with high contrast colors and a sparse planetary landscape make this the perfect book to read aloud to a group.  Children and adults alike will be drawn in by the humor in both the text and the pictures of this charming book.

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