I have never read anything by Carlos Fuentes, I am sorry to admit, so when I read a review of Vlad, I decided to give it a try.  Excellent.  Vlad, of course, refers to Count Vladimir Radu, also known as Vlad the Impaler (but his friends just call him "Vlad").  Vlad has left, or rather been forced out of Romania and has decided to move to Mexico City. He contacts his old friend, Don Eloy Zuringa, an attorney  asks him to arrange a house. And I mean Zuringa ia an old friend. 
Zuringa, thought to be in his 80's has been an attorney in Mexico City for as long as anyone can remember.  Navarro is one of Zuringa's staff attorneys. Navarro is tasked with finding lodging for Zuringa's friend. The client (who is nameless at this point) wants a house that is remotely located, with large lots on 3 sides and abutting a ravine on the 4th. A tunnel has to be run from the house into the ravine. And all the windows need to be bricked over. "OK" thinks Navarro - he will have his wife, Asuncion, a real estate agent find the property. Vlad is thrilled with the house and the location. Navarro's life will never be the same as Vlad starts to take over Navarro's family.

This short (125 pages) book was simply wonderful. Quirky and well written the story shows just how one man can slide into a major life transformation without realizing it is even happening. How trust in your spouse and friends can sometimes lead to unintended consequences for you. I recommend this book.

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