The Diamond of Darkhold

written by Jeanne DuPrau

Ages: 9-14 years (approximately grades 4-9) 

The Diamond of
is the fourth and final installation of The Books of Ember
series. Beginning where the second book (The
People of Sparks
) left off, Lina and Doon once again notice a problem in
their post-apocalyptic city and work together to solve it. After having escaped
their failing city in the first book (The
City of Ember
), finding a village willing to take them in and easing the
tension between the native villagers and their city’s newcomers in the second
book (The People of Sparks), Lina and
Doon now set off back to their abandoned city to find enough food to get their
new village through the hard winter. When they arrive back at Ember, they find
far more than the stores of canned food left behind by their neighbors, but
together they overcome the obstacles holding them back and, in the end,
discover something far more valuable than the food they originally set out for.

A wonderful finale, Jeanne DuPrau finds a way to fit all of
the series’ books, even the prequel third book (The Prophet of Yonwood), into a complete saga with all the pieces
of Lina and Doon’s puzzle fitting together snugly in the end. The Books of
series is a part of the popular dystopian genre, similar to Young
Adult selections such as The Hunger Games and Divergent series,
without the intense violence and romance that is better suited for older
readers. Still a darker read for some, containing evidence of a
world-devastating war as well as the themes of segregation and selfishness (all of which are righted in the end), The
Diamond of Darkhold
-and the “Ember Saga” as a whole- is best suited for
readers ages 9 to 14 (grades 4-9). Although ominous in some places, The Diamond of Darkhold and The Books
of Ember
series end on a clever and hopeful note that will not
soon be forgotten by readers.
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