Need a new graphic novel? Try these out-of-this-world space stories:


Glorkian Warrior

Book One:  The Glorkian Warrior Delivers A Pizza

Series: The Glorkian Warrior by James Kochalka

1st Grade and Up

A mysterious phone call for pizza leads the charmingly obtuse Glorkian Warrior and his trusty adviser Super Backpack on an intergalactic adventure.  This is a very silly and quirky tale sure to bring the laughs.  






Book One: Hilo: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth

Series: Hilo by Judd Winnick

1st Grade and Up

DJ Lim finds Hilo, a boy with amnesia who crashed from space.  DJ and his best friend Gina work together to help Hilo recover his memories and fight the giant, evil alien that followed him. 










Book One: Lowriders in Space 


Series: Lowriders by Cathy Camper, illustrated by Raul the Third

3rd Grade and Up

Three car loving friends hope to win the Universal Car Competition and open the garage of their dreams.  Spanish text is interspersed throughout this unique story highlighting the lowrider culture, science facts and the power of friendship.  








Book One: Zita the Spacegirl


Series: Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

3rd Grade and Up

Unable to resist pushing a big red button, Zita unknowingly opens a portal that leads to her best friend being kidnapped by an alien.  Zita follows in pursuit and finds herself on a strange planet with even stranger aliens.  She gathers a motley crew of quirky aliens to help in her rescue mission.  








 Book One:  Target Practice


Series: Cleopatra in Space by Mike Maihack

3rd Grade and Up

Spunky teenage Cleopatra discovers a mysterious box that transports her into a future, far far away.  An ancient prophecy reveals her destiny as a hero of the universe, but before she saves anyone she has to survive high school in this funny and action packed graphic novel.  








space dumplins

 Book One: Space Dumplins

 Series: Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson

 5th Grade and Up

Violet’s close-knit family means everything to her, so when a giant planet-eating whale swallows her dad, rescuing him is a no brainer.  Along with a ragtag group of aliens she travels throughout the galaxy to save her beloved father.  









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