Mo's Mustache

by Ben Clanton

Ages: 0 – 6 (approximately birth through 1st grade)

After a long wait, Mo finally receives his mustache in the mail (Huzzah!). After taking his new accessory for a spin around town, soaking in the admiration for his look, Mo starts to notice everyone else getting mustaches, too… And so, no longer feeling that his mustache is special, Mo switches from a “big, black, beautiful” mustache to a “long, lined, lovely scarf.” A few days later, much to Mo’s dismay, now everyone else dons both a mustache AND a scarf. Frustrated and unamused at these copycats, it takes Mo completely losing his temper to find out that nobody is copying him to hurt his feelings, but because they think he’s “tredirific,” “a visionary,” “a fashion guru.” Taken aback and flattered, Mo decides to apologize for his outburst in the only way a “gentleman of style” can: with an all-inclusive fashion show (complete with one-of-a-kind, multi-colored afro)!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s sometimes hard to remember that when you see the people around you donning the very thing you think makes you special and unique. Mo’s Mustache addresses this topic in a fun and fashionable way that will remind readers that being a trailblazer might mean having to share their awesome discoveries. With many font changes, interjections, and asides, this tale might seem better suited for an older audience, but the lovable stick-figure characters will easily lure in the younger crowd, giving them a chance to admire Mo’s panache. This book is a dream for those who enjoyed Mo Willems’ cartoony art in Leonardo the Terrible Monster, the message of individuality in Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, or the silliness of Mustache Baby.

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