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LOL Books for Kids

Six Series that will make a 2nd through 5th Grader LOL (Laugh Out Loud):

NERDSNERDS by Michael Buckley

Did you know nerds are actually….spies? This series will have your child GTT (giggling to themselves) as these nerds transform their allergies into superpowers to save the school! This action-packed humorous undercover manual with security clearance required, will reveal all of the details of their top-secret mission. 





Wayside School

Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger by Louis Sachar.

Kids will be ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) as they read about the methods students at Wayside School utilize to rid the school of strange substitute teachers like Mr. Gorf who can steal voices and Ms. Nogard who can read minds!





Frankie K. Stein

Franny K. Stein by Jim Benton.

Join Franny K. Stein as she jumps rope using her pet snake and does experiments that test how to make friends. Science with a sense of humor makes this series fun for every budding mad genius.  






Captain Underpants

The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dave Pilkey.

What if the principal could turn into a superhero wearing onlyunderwear and he sang Tra-La-La? Kids who read this series will LOL with George and Harold who play tricks on everyone like putting bubble bath in tubas and filling a football with helium. Charming George and Harold create havoc, but order is always restored in the end.






Squish by Jennifer Holm. 

Squish: Super Amoeba, a graphic novel, follows the adventures of a teeny tiny amoeba who loves Twinkies and his school friends. Readers will smile and cheer for Squish as he tries to save the world! Warning: Some scientific knowledge about microorganisms and their traits will be acquired along the way.




I FunnyI Funny: a Middle School Story by James Patterson. 

“Do zombies eat doughnuts with their fingers? No. They usually eat their fingers separately.” Jamie Grimm collects and tells jokes as he tries to become the greatest stand-up comedian ever. 

Despite being wheel-chair bound, bullied and bombarded with self-doubt, Jamie sees the humor in life and aspires to make everyone laugh along with him. Readers will enjoy the touching story line that is infused with elements 


of comedy, compassion, and action. Chris Grabenstein’s accompanying line drawings compliment the tone of the book through use of visual gags and by fleshing out the characters. 

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