I Am...

written by Brad Meltzer
illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos

Ages: 0-8 years (approximately grades preschool - 1)

Number 1 New York Times Bestselling author of multiple adult fiction and non-fiction books, Brad Meltzer, has done it again in a whole new way! Wanting to give his own children books that featured real heroes for them to look up to, Melzer was inspired to begin the Ordinary People Change the World series, beginning with none other than the biographies of Abraham Lincoln and Amelia Earhart. With their brief, fun outlines of our featured heroes’ lives, and their kid-friendly, cartoon-like illustrations, both of these little books are the perfect introduction to the lives of outstanding individuals that children will no doubt become familiar with later in life. Laugh along with tiny Amelia as she describes how “AWESOME!” her homemade flying machine is, and root for little Lincoln as he takes on ALL of the neighborhood bullies single-handedly.

Although both of these biographies touch on facts that you might not have already known, neither of them is by any means a complete biography. Amelia’s leaves out the story of her last, fatal flight, Lincoln’s lacks preserving the Union as a reason for the Civil War, and both attribute quotations (via speech bubble) to the individuals that may not have actually been said by them; however, the intended audience of ages 0-8 (roughly preschool – 1st grade), may not be ready to handle such heavy concepts, and the books serve their purpose as a fun stepping stone to further interest and investigation.

As excited as I am to recommend I am Amelia Earhart and I am Abraham Lincoln, I am even more excited for the next additions to this series: I am Rosa Parks and I am Albert Einstein, both due out in fall of 2014.

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