by Don Freeman

Ages: 0-6 years (approximately ages preschool -1)

In this classic Don Freeman story, a little girl spots Corduroy the teddy bear while shopping with her mother and instantly falls in love. The girl’s mother, after pointing out Corduroy’s missing button, declines the girl’s request to buy the bear. After the department store (which is reminiscent of a 1950’s Marshall Field’s) closes for the night, Corduroy comes to life and decides to look for his lost button that he now dearly misses. A small mishap involving a mattress and a lamp later, the nighttime security guard finds Corduroy in the furniture section of the store, and promptly returns him to the toy department. Lucky for Corduroy, because the girl from the previous day finds and buys him as soon as the store opens. It is after the girl puts a new button on his overalls and introduces Corduroy to her bedroom that the bear discovers it was not his missing button or a bed he wanted after all, but a home and a friend.

With simple, sketch drawings colored in with a 1950’s color palette, the illustrations transport readers to a simpler time (whether that time is childhood or the past is up to you!) and a gentler mindset. This heartwarming title is great for readers who have a special fondness for their furry friends or who have a huge imagination and wonder whether their toys come to life after dark and love them back. This book connects flawlessly with the popular Toy Story movies, and can be used as a precursor to introducing young readers to the Disney stories, or as a way to gently lure them back into books. Whatever the reason for handing your reader Corduroy, the story is sure not to disappoint!

Find Corduroy as a picture book, a read-along kit, a downloadable video, or in Spanish and Japanese in our catalog.

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