<s>Birthday Bunny</s><br> Battle Bunny

written by
Jon Scieszka and Mac Burnett
illustrated by Matthew Myers

Ages: 5-9 years (approximately grades kindergarten - 3)

Alex has just received Birthday
as a gift from his well-intentioned Gran Gran.  It’s a sweet picture book about a gentle
bunny and his forest friends who are planning a surprise birthday party for him.  This saccharine story gets a total rework when
Alex uses his pencil to transform Birthday Bunny into Battle Bunny, a no-nonsense,
eye-patch-wearing, villainous rabbit with his sights set on world
Hand-drawn sketches and doodles over the original, oil-painted
artwork, as well as penciled-over text make Alex’s version of Battle Bunny an action-packed tale full
of humor, wit, and creativity.  After
waking up with special powers on his birthday, Battle Bunny heads into the forest
to set his evil plan into motion.  He
chops down trees, makes things explode, and challenges various woodland
creatures to fights in his war against the world.  It looks like he might be unstoppable until
Alex, our fearless author and illustrator, swoops in to save the day.
This book would be a fun read aloud or as a starting activity
for a writing program.  Even with the cross
outs and added words, the original text can still be read and both kids and
adults will get a kick out of comparing the ho-hum story with Alex’s
“improvements.”  While the idea of writing
in a book may feel taboo, this book will inspire readers to re-imagine and
recreate their own stories from beloved and not-so-beloved tales.
This title is suitable for ages 5 – 9 and grades K-3. The
book’s publishers have also created a website www.mybirthdaybunny.com where readers
can download and print the original Birthday
story to create a custom version and upload it via tumblr.  Here are some of the unique and creative results!

Find Battle Bunny in our catalog.

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