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Flick Picks 2/26/2016: Spotlight, Fargo Season Two

On the verge of the Academy Awards, this week's new releases on DVD are highlighted by one of the contenders for Best Picture.  And a very worthy contender Spotlight is.  With new series, it's a matter of the darkly comic and the just plain dark.  Never fear, Sarah Silverman is here!  And you probably know how funny she is.  Well, actually,...Ms. Silverman plays it very straight as a troubled wife and mother in I Smile Back, a performance that has won the comedienne considerable acclaim.  Quality we have this week.  Laughs, not so much.  If you need a little escapist fun, there's always the red carpet at the Oscars....         


Feature Films

Wayward Pines Season One  Tom McCarthy  Spotlight  Fargo Season Two


Flick Picks 2/18/2016


New releases on DVD this week are led by some formidable characters - a crime boss, a grandmother...and that Apple guy.  To contrast that age and hard-won life experience, we have a couple of recent French films more concerned with coming of age.  Among the new arrivals in series DVDs is season three of the popular Silk.



Tu Dors Nicole  Trumbo  Steve Jobs  Grandma  Breathe  Black Mass


Flick Picks 2/9/2016: Bridge of Spies, Spectre, Suffragette

You want blockbusters?  We've got blockbusters.  Something smaller, more character-driven?  Maybe  a good indie film?  We've got those too.  And as the mercury settles to a more typical winter level, you might want to check out out a good series and hold out until spring...or at least until we see the right side of the freezing mark.



Feature Films

Suffragette  Spectre  Show Me a Hero  Mercy Street  Bridge of Spies


Flick Picks 2/1/2016: Everest, Diary of a Teenage Girl, Downton Abbey Season 6

Appropriate to a "leap" February, bulging with an extra day, we begin the month with a DVD roundup that offers dispatches from all corners of the world and the human spirit.  And good,  distracting t.v. series and films - we have those too.  

Feature Films


Straight Outta Compton  Everest  Downton Abbey  Diary of a Teenage Girl


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