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Flick Picks 12/29/2015: Pawn Sacrifice, Bone Tomahawk, He Named Me Malala

Chess, anyone?  Need your faith in humanity restored?  Or perhaps as some truly wintry weather descends upon us (or attacks horizontally in the form of sleet - yikes!), all you want to do is hunker down with a good series and have yourself a marathon.  Whatever the case, we've got you covered.


Feature Films


The New Rijksmuseum  Shameless Season Five  Ray Donovan  Pawn Sacrifice  He Named Me Malala  Bone Tomahawk


Flick Picks 12/22/2015: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Time Out Of Mind, Goodnight Mommy

As we head into award season and enjoy the release of those serious films - some good, others not so much - that hope to contend for the big prizes, the recent releases on DVD reflect the rest of the cinematic spectrum.  This week we have a good collection of the sort of films that don't often get attention at award time, deserving or not.  For your consideration, we have thrills, we chills, a few laughs and even a little seriousness.  But not too much.  

Feature Films


William S. Burroughs  The Babadook  Mission Impossible Rogue Nation  Goodnight Mommy  Burroughs


Flick Picks 12/15/2015: Ant-Man, Minions, Apu Trilogy



Never fear, Ant-Man is here!  Or perhaps this means nothing to you at all.  Perhaps all your fears are perfectly well-founded.  Flick Picks is not here to tell you how to feel.  We are here merely to report on new arrivals on DVD.  Joining the aforementioned Mr. Ant, we have the even more decidedly cartoonish figures of Minions.  Meanwhile, for the more serious film fan, the cineaste one might even say, there is the welcome arrival of Satyajit Ray's Apu Trilogy.  It's something to behold.    


Speedy  Sinatra: All or Nothing At All  Minions  Doctor Who  Doc Martin  Apu Trilogy  Ant-Man