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Flick Picks: Jurassic World, The Gift, End of the Tour

 Jurassic World was both literally and figuratively the prevailing monster(s) at the box office this past summer.  The dinosaurs and their human prey have arrived in DVD.  Somewhat lost in all that pounding excitement this summer were two of the better films of the year to date, The Gift and End of the Tour.  In addition to a mixed bag of feature films, we have a rich quartet of documentaries among our recent arrivals on DVD.  Not enough?  Perhaps you devote most of your viewing time to those addictive series?  Worry not - we have lots of new series DVDs for you as well. 

Feature Films
Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall star in this psychological thriller about a seemingly perfect couple, Simon and Robyn, who relocate to the Los Angeles area from Chicago.  Soon after their arrival they encounter Gordon (writer/director Joel Edgerton), an awkward man who knew Simon during their school days.  Gordon shows up at the elegant mid-century home of the couple to offer them a welcome gift, but his visits continue.  As the relationship between the couple and the outsider grows more complicated, it's not clear where the greater darkness lies:  with Gordon or behind the impeccable veneer of Simon and Robyn's life.  All of the principals are quite good here, but Jason Bateman has never been better. 



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