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Flick Picks: Tomorrowland, San Andreas, Varda a-go-go

We might not have something for everyone this week, but we come mighty close. George Clooney, meet The Rock. The Rock, meet legendary French filmmaker (and someone about half your size) Agnes Varda. Now that would be an interesting dinner party. Not to mention the entertainment that Channing Tanning and his buff friends might provide....

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Never one to miss a marketing tie-in, the people at Disney renamed the film that had a working title of 1952 to Tomorrowland, after the futuristic themed land found at Disney amusement parks. George Clooney stars as a disillusioned inventor joined by a young science enthusiast in the titular world where their actions have a direct consequence not only on themselves, but the ambiguous world itself.


San Andreas


Fear not, California. The Rock is here to save the day. Well, even The Rock has his limits. That very famous fault slips to the tune of 9.1 on the Richter Scale and a great deal of death and destruction follow. Is there any hope for the future? Is this perhaps a good time to buy real estate in San Francisco? Watch and find out.

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Flick Picks - Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2, Spy, Furious 7

Summer is not over just yet, even if fall jackets have made an appearance this past week. Several summer blockbusters have arrived in DVD, along with one overlooked independent film worth a look.

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The Marvel gang is back to save the world. Again. As thundering summer fare goes, one can at least count on the Avengers films for relative intelligence and even the occasional moment of wit. The cast of heavy hitters includes Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel Jackson. We have Avengers: Age of Ultron in both regular DVD and Blu-ray.


Also back, the equally (if not more) fierce singing competitors from Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect 2 picks up three years after the original, when the a capella singing group The Bellas are trying to regain their lost glory. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld head the large and very vocal cast.

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Flick Picks 10/1/2015: The Age of Adaline, Empire, Iris

Mad Max: Fury RoadAfter a summer hiatus, Flick Picks has returned. To accompany the agreeable weather, autumn is usually a good time for filmgoers, as studios tend to release what they feel are some of their best films in advance of the award season. We can also expect a very solid crop of DVD releases this fall - feature films, documentaries and series alike. Not that the summer blockbusters were a complete waste of time. Both Mad Max: Fury Road and the latest Mission Impossible were refreshing oases in a typical summer desert of bombastic and forgettable fare. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is coming soon. In the meantime, we have Mad Max: Fury Road both regular DVD and Blu-ray.





Romance is the order of the day, or the week, even if such things don't always end happily....

Age of Adeline


When Adaline Bowman says she's turning 29 - again - she means it. Actually, Adaline simply is 29, as she has been for almost eight decades. Lucky her. Of course, there is a price to be paid for anything. The drawback of Adaline's perpetual 29-year-old existence is that she doesn't allow herself to grow close to anyone else...until she meets a charming (and, of course, handsome) philanthropist. Blake Lively plays the ever-youthful Adaline, while Harrison Ford plays her father. 


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