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Flick Picks 2/25/14: Thor: The Dark World, Gravity, Nebraska

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ENTERTAINMENT: The man with the hammer (Chris Hemsworth) revisits Earth and - *spoiler alert* - saves humanity in Thor: The Dark World, the latest in the Marvel Comics string of superhero hits. The imprisoned Loki also has a hand in this film's hijinks while the one woman who can bring Thor down to Earth is again portrayed by Natalie Portman. We've got Thor: The Dark World on DVD and Blu-ray. Turn out the lights and find the biggest tv screen you can for Gravity, the Alfonso Cuaron-directed story of an astronaut trying to make her way back to Earth when her space shuttle is destroyed. This beautiful film received ten Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Actress (Sandra Bullock) and Best Director (Alfonso Cuaron) and we've got it on DVD and Blu-ray. Glencoe native Bruce Dern plays crotchety, as he takes his son (Will Forte) on a road trip to claim a million dollar prize in Alexander Payne's family drama Nebraska. Finally, the visually stimulating futuristic Mr. Nobody introduces us to the title character (played by Jared Leto) who seems to be have traveled down multiple life paths at once.

SERIES: The newest foreign language series to hit our shelves is the tough Braquo, about violent cops in Paris whose lives are turned upside down when a colleague commits suicide after being falsely accused. Season 3 of the French cop series Spiral also arrives this week, as does season 3 of the British Above Suspicion and season 4 of the family sitcom The Middle.

SUBTITLED: Two young women in France become romantically involved in the controversial, erotic and well-reviewed Blue is the Warmest Color. You Will Be My Son is a drama about a French wine estate owner who wants to leave his vineyard to the hardworking progeny of his estate manager rather than his own good-for-nothing son.



Flick Picks 2/18/14: Game of Thrones Season 3, Nurse Jackie Season 5

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ENTERTAINMENT: President's Day means it's a quiet week for new releases. Naomi Watts stars as Diana, Princess of Wales, in Diana, which focuses on her romantic relationship with Hasnat Khan. Afternoon Delight is a comedy from first-time director Jill Soloway about a woman (Kathryn Hahn) whose suburban life becomes turned upside down when she decides to invite a stripper (Juno Temple) into her home.

SERIES: The addicting Game of Thrones offers up season 3 with many more surprises about exactly which characters will still be around for season 4. The equally entertaining Nurse Jackie is all the way up to season 5.

SUBTITLED: An Israeli pilot (Stephen Dorff) is shot down over Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War and while imprisoned he bonds with a young boy, in Zaytoun.



Flick Picks 2/11/14: Ender's Game, Austenland, The Counselor

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ENTERTAINMENT: If you're looking for a thinking person's sci-fi film that's a cut above many others in dealing with moral complexity, Ender's Game might be your thing! It also has a lot of cool space lasers! It stars Asa Butterfield as a boy who could be our best defense against aliens who attacked Earth many years ago. Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are the military commanders who are helping him realize his potential. We've got it on DVD and Blu-ray. Also this week, if your idea of the perfect vacation is a Jane Austen theme park then Austenland might be the film you're looking for! Keri Russell goes looking for love at the amusement park of the title and Jane Seymour is there to help her out. Ridley Scott directs, Cormac McCarthy writes and Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt act in The Counselor, about a lawyer who gets involved in drug trafficking. Teenager Saoirse Ronan must survive in a war-torn UK landscape in director Kevin MacDonald's (Touching the Void, One Day in September) How I Live Now.

SERIES: One of the best reviewed series in recent history is a creepy French import. Aired on The Sundance Channel, The Returned shows us a small town in France where the dead ancestors of the villagers inexplicably return. Also returning this week is the BBC's Sherlock, which is now up to season 3. Finally, The Americans is a fun new series on FX about a pair of KGB agents (Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys) posing as a married couple in the US during the 1980s.

SUBTITLED: The exciting Filipino thriller On the Job is about two former prisoners enlisted to carry out assassinations and the cops who try to track them down.



Flick Picks 2/4/14: Dallas Buyers Club, About Time, Escape Plan

What's New on DVD at the Library This Week!

ENTERTAINMENT: Matthew McConaughey continues his career renaissance by giving another powerful performance in Dallas Buyers Club, the true story of a Texan who finds himself unable to purchase the drugs that he is hoping will help him beat the disease, since they are unapproved in the U.S. He teams with a doctor (played by Griffin Dunne) and a transgender fellow HIV patient (Jared Leto) to try to get his hands on these potentially lifesaving drugs. On the lighter side, About Time is a romantic comedy from the director of Love Actually about a man who can travel through time and the girl that he loves (Rachel McAdams). For something a little more testosterone heavy, Escape Plan gives us Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone as a pair who must break out of a seemingly escape-proof prison.

The BBC offers up Burton and Taylor, which focuses on the 1983 production of Noel Coward's Private Lives that teamed Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor onstage. Though divorced for many years at this point there is both attraction and bad blood between the two. It stars Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter. The Lady Vanishes is a BBC remake of the Alfred Hitchcock thriller about what happens when an elderly lady disappears from a train and nearly everyone insists that she was never there. For the kids this week we've got Free Birds, an animated film about a pair of turkeys who travel back in time in an attempt to get themselves off of the Thanksgiving menu. Another animated film this week, Moon Man, tells the story of the man on the moon's vacation on earth, as his absence makes the children of the world unable to sleep.

SERIES: Based on the works of Philippa Gregory, White Queen focuses on three women who compete for the English throne during the Wars of the Roses. Also, shows may come and shows may go but Midsomer Murders is seemingly eternal, dropping off season 23 at the library this week.



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