The Right Hand

The Right Hand is the story of the lone wolf, black ops agent Austin Clay. As a child Clay, an orphan, is sent to live with his uncle. They are traveling around the world on the uncle's boat spending Clay's inheritance. Because of the physical abuse Clay suffers at his uncle's hand, Clay develops a steely resolve that he carries into adulthood. This is Austin Clay's background.

Today, Clay is the lone wolf, black ops guy. He works for one of the spy agencies no one ever wants to talk about. No one really knows that they exist. Clay is very good at his job - get the assignment, scout the mission, go in, complete mission, get out. This has worked for Clay since the beginning. Then he gets assigned to track down a missing American spy. The spy has gone missing in the Russian countryside and soon Clay realizes that this is not the real mission. The real job, at least from Clay's point of view is to rescue a scared, desperate woman who has become privy to some information indicating a Russian mole has penetrated the highest levels of the United States government and its spy networks.

This is fast read book. Loaded with a guys guy, the vulnerable beautiful woman, clandestine services moles, double agents and secrecy I sometimes felt that I was reading a television show (the author has written several films). If you are looking for an entertaining book, this might be for you.

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