The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

Lula Landry has killed herself by jumping from the balcony of her tony London apartment. A celebrated fashion model, Lula (known as Cuckoo to her friends) is the biracial daughter of Lord and Lady Barstow. Lula has had issues her entire life. Ridiculously beautiful and spoiled she has taken up with her drug addict, actor wannabe boyfriend, again. She has myriad hanger-ons and no close friends.  Her mother is dying. So no one is really surprised that she killed herself. Or are they?

John Bristow, Lula's brother is convinced she was murdered. While the police have officially closed the case, he wants further investigation. He hires C.B. Strike, a man who has his own issues. Strike is a Afghan war vet who has returned to England carrying the baggage of guilt for a friend killed in action. Strike has lost part of one of his legs and this is a constant reminder that he is no longer the skilled military police/Special Branch investigator he once was. His PI agency is not doing well and he is regularly receiving death threats. Enter Robin Ellacot, a secretary sent by a temp agency to help out with the office work. Turns out she has a gift for the private investigation business.

Strike and Robin start off. While Strike uses his contacts, Robin uses the Internet and her charm to get information. And they find some surprises along the way.

I liked this book and I will admit to being a little wary of it after the Casual Vacancy. This book is nothing like that. The characters are interesting, each with his own background that helps the story along and defines them and their relationship. The storyline is interesting with enough twists (all wholly plausible) to make you want to keep reading. I was pleasantly surprised and recommend this book!

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