Mystery Reader Picks: Be Quiet!

Are you mystery reader this week in your child’s school?  In our blog column “Mystery Reader Picks” we would like to offer you book suggestions for your school visit.  Our librarians recommend favorite read aloud choices for kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Check back every other week for a new title and stop by or give us a call for many more selections.    

Mystery Reader Picks:

Be QuietBe Quiet!

by Ryan T. Higgins 

2nd and 3rd Grade 

This tongue-in-cheek book is about the creation of an artistic wordless book.  Through humorous interjections and downright silly exchanges Rupert mouse and his friends write the least wordless book ever.  It is so “loud” with words on every page that poor Rupert is defeated in his attempt to create a book where he will be the star in a visually stimulating wordless book.  Read to 2nd and 3rd graders for a huge guffaw!!  Pair with the Book with No Pictures and the truly wordless books Flashlight or Journey





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