My New Friend Is So Fun!

by Mo Willems

Ages: 3 – 6 years (approximately grades preschool – 1st)

Gerald and Piggie are back again! Only this time, they are joined by Snake and his best friend, Brian Bat. More accurately, Gerald is joined by Snake and asks if he’s seen his best friend, Piggie, around. Snake replies that Piggie is with Brian Bat, who is Snake’s best friend. Gerald and Snake agree that Piggie and Brian are so nice, and they must be having a really fun time together! But… could they be having too much fun? The new duo race to find Piggie and Brian laughing together, playing BEST FRIEND games and drawing BEST FRIEND pictures. However, when Piggie and Brian show off their BEST FRIEND drawings, who does Brian draw but Snake, and Piggie draws none other than Gerald! Realizing they were worried for no reason at all, Snake and Gerald leave Brian and Piggie to their good time with new friends.

Carrying on the tradition of the Elephant and Piggie books, this title is fun and playful in its ultimate lesson of new friends not necessarily replacing old friends, especially best friends. Action is carried forward solely in conversational speech bubbles between the characters, giving young readers a workout in inferring subtext without cumbersome dialogue tags. And, in true Mo Willems form, illustrations are sparse and childlike, yet colorful and expressive. This is an excellent new addition to an already flourishing early reader series by Mo Willems. Readers who enjoyed Mo Willems’ picture books such as That is Not A Good Idea or the many adventures of Pigeon are sure to love Elephant and Piggie books.

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