Haunt Me Still

This new novel from Jennifer Lee Carrell, continues the adventures of Kate Stanley. At the end of Interred with their Bones, Kate and Ben Pearl had parted ways after a harrowing search for Shakespeare's first folio.

Haunt Me Still starts off with Kate being invited to direct a private production of Macbeth. Also known as the cursed play. And cursed it is in this book. Kate goes to Scotland at the request of her friend. She is meeting with Lady Nairn, who was a Shakespearean actress before she left the stage to marry a Scots lord with a large collection of Shakespeare memorabilia. Once Kate and Lady Nairn agree to stage the play, things start to happen.

An elderly woman from the village (whom is widely considered to be a witch) is murdered. Kate finds a mysterious 1,000 year old knife that seems to possess magical powers. Lady Nairn's 15 year old niece is practicing witchcraft. And Ben shows up. The play seems to be coming alive, along with the curse.

From Scotland down to London to New York and back, through the British Museum and the Scottish highlands the hunt for the magical mirror, the lost play and the missing 15 year old goes on. All must be found before more people connected with the production die.

The book is filled with references to Macbeth, druid and wiccan witchcraft and ancient Scots history. The pacing if fast, the characters are interesting and the story just moves along.

Haunt Me Still
By Carrell, Jennifer Lee
2010-04 - Dutton Books
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