The Girl in the Green Raincoat

This short sweet mystery from Laura Lippman is a updated version of the Hitchcock classic Rear Window. Tess Monaghan, a private investigator is bedridden in the late stages of her pregnancy. From her window she can view the park across the street. Everyday she views a woman in a green raincoat talking on her cell phone walking a dog, also in a green coat. Then one day Tess sees the dog running, with the leash still attached and no woman.

Tess becomes concerned about the missing woman. Using her contacts she discovers that the woman was living with a man whose 2 previous wives had been murdered. Tess is now really concerned not only for the woman, but because she (Tess) has been entrusted with the dog. The police eventually become involved and the investigation escalates.

Lippman spins a good story with comments on life and love along the way. The story is short as it was originally serialized in the New York Times magazine but the action is good and the characters sympathetic. And it has a surprise ending!

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