Flick Picks 8/5/14: Divergent, Need for Speed

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ENTERTAINMENT: A futuristic Chicago is the setting for the film version of Veronica Roth sci-fi novel Divergent. In Divergent, newcomer Shailene Woodley portrays a young woman who discovers that she doesn't belong to any of the factions that the human race is divided into. This ends up being an issue when she finds that she is being targeted for assassination. What is it about her uniqueness that makes her so dangerous? Find out by taking out the DVD or Blu-ray! Kate Winslet costars and The Illusionist and Limitless director Neil Burger is at the helm. Also this week, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul gets a starring role in the video game adaptation Need for Speed. Paul plays a street racer who drives in a cross country race in a quest for revenge. Lots of cars move fast and get smashed.

SERIES: Season two of the charming Last Tango in Halifax, which follows the relationship between two elderly widowers, arrives this week. Also out are season five of wacky Community and season seven of David Duchovny's Californication

SUBTITLED: Two competitive actor pals bicker while trying to launch a production of The Misanthrope in the French comedy Bicycling With Moliere.

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Movies on the Green
The hit Lego Movie is the next and final film in the Movies on the Green series. The film will screen at dusk on Friday, August 8th on Wyman Green. In case of inclement weather, the movie will move into the Council Chambers at Village Hall.

Israel and Palestine

The relationship between Israelis and Palestinians has been the subject of many enjoyable and moving films. Take a look at some of these movies which attempt to explore the complexity of the situation and the humanity of those involved.

  • Based on a true story, The Lemon Tree explores the relationship between a Palestinian woman and an Israeli defense minister who moves next door and insists that the woman's lemon grove be destroyed in the name of security.
  • A Palestinian woman refuses to believe that war is the answer and slips a message of peace into a bottle that is retrieved by a recent immigrant to Israel in A Bottle in the Gaza Sea.
  • The thoughts of two young Palestinian suicide bombers are explored in Paradise Now.
  • Strangers follows a love affair between an Israeli man and Palestinian woman who meet in Berlin.
  • An Israeli-Palestinian finds out that his wife was a suicide bomber in The Attack.
  • Inch'allah follows a Canadian doctor who lives in Jerusalem and works in Ramallah.
  • Ajami is a religiously mixed community in Tel Aviv and the film of the same name follows various characters who attempt to coexist.
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