Flick Picks 8/20/13: Amour, Boardwalk Empire Season 3, The Good Wife Season 4

New This Week on DVD at the Library:

SUBTITLED: One of the most powerful and well-reviewed movies of the year - Amour - arrives on DVD this week. This French language film was nominated for five Academy Awards, including best picture, and took home the award for best foreign language film. It's about an elderly couple that faces challenges when the wife suffers multiple strokes. Austrian Director Michael Haneke is known for powerful, challenging films and this one is no exception.

ENTERTAINMENT: The new entertainment film this week is an indie pick called Shadow Dancer which stars Clive Owen as an MI-5 officer who enlists a woman to spy on her IRA populated family in Belfast during the 1990s. Gillian Anderson is also on-board in this tense thriller.

SERIES: Lots of new episodes come out this week with season 3 of HBO's gangster drama Boardwalk Empire leading the pack. There's also a 4th season of the legal drama The Good Wife, a 4th season of the warm family comedy Parenthood, season 2 of primetime soaper Revenge, season 3 of the Melissa McCarthy showcase Mike and Molly, and a 5th season of the BBC supernatural drama Being Human.

DOCUMENTARIES: No Place on Earth tells the startling story of the discovery of an underground cave in the Ukraine that housed a number of Jewish families for a year and a half during the Holocaust. Also, after watching the provocative Sushi: The Global Catch you might end up thinking twice before popping that unagi in your mouth. This film shows how the popularity of sushi might end up causing the collapse of all fish species.

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