Flick Picks 7/2/13: 56 Up, The Girl

It's a slow week this week due to the 4th of July holiday but there are still a few new releases that you won't want to miss.

ENTERTAINMENT: Abbie Cornish stars in the heartfelt drama The Girl, the story of a Texas mother who begins smuggling illegal immigrants over the border after losing her daughter to foster care.

DOCUMENTARIES: The (mostly) Michael Apted-helmed series that began in 1964 with Seven Up! reaches its latest installment  (the 8th in the series) 56 Up. Every 7 years, Apted revisits a number of British men and women to see how their lives have changed since they were 7 years old. The pleasure of this film series comes from seeing how these people change over the years, so be sure to pick up the previous installments if you haven't seen them.

SERIES: The critically acclaimed Sundance series Rectify arrives this week. This drama follows a man whose death sentence is vacated due to new DNA evidence as he attempts to reenter society after 19 years.

You can find all of our new and upcoming DVDs and Blu-rays on Bibliocommons.

It's Also Canada Day!

You'll  be out celebrating Independence Day in full force but why not give our northern neighbors a little love this week too? Canada Day occurs on July 1st and honors the anniversary of the day in 1867 that three colonies were united into the country called Canada. Enjoy a film by great Canadian directors David Cronenberg, Jason Reitman, Ivan Retiman, Sarah Polley and James Cameron. For a great tv option try Slings and Arrows, a comedy set at a fictional Canadian Shakespeare festival, or The Newsroom, a dramedy that takes place at a news station (and which is not to be confused with the HBO series of the same name).

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