Flick Picks 7/1/14: A Young Doctor's Notebook, The Unknown Known

New on DVD at the Library This Week

SERIES: Take the autobiographical works of Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov and turn them into a miniseries starring two of our hottest actors and what do you get? The darkly comic British series A Young Doctor's Notebook, which features Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm as the younger and older versions of a doctor looking back on his early days in the profession while fighting with morphine addiction. Another new series this week is the dark Hinterland which follows a detective in Wales who investigates hate crimes.

DOCUMENTARIES: Errol Morris walks former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld through his long, controversial career in the intimate The Unknown Known.

SUBTITLED: Japanese parents discover that their six year old sons were accidentally switched at birth, raising questions of what it means to be a family in Like Father, Like Son.

PERFORMING ARTS: In case you were unable to make it to Las Vegas for Elton John's presentation of The Million Dollar Piano, you're in luck! This show features John performing songs from throughout his career on a very expensive musical instrument.

You can find all of our new and upcoming DVDs in Bibliocommons.

Talking Pictures
Our next Talking Pictures presentation, taking place on Monday, July 7 at 1:00, is the film Monsieur Lazhar, about an Algerian immigrant hired to teach elementary school in Montreal. Susan Benjamin will lead a discussion following the film. Our Talking Pictures films are screened in the Hammond Room and are open to everybody.

Some Red, White and Blue Movies

Had enough of fireworks? Spend your 4th of July watching one of these Independence Day worthy films, celebrating the creation of our nation and entertaining us along the way!

  • Mel Gibson is a farmer who joins the Revolution to get back at the Redcoat who murdered his son in The Patriot.
  • Perhaps the film is a metaphor for America's shot at independence or maybe it's best seen simply as an underdog story, but either way Rocky's fight against a stars-and-stripes clad champion in Philadelphia during the bicentennial is a fantastic choice for this holiday.
  • Why would you want to shut down the beach on 4th of July weekend? Because there's a massive shark in the water, that's why. See Jaws for more evidence!
  • Nearly half of the HBO series John Adams is set during the Revolution, as young lawyer Adams helps bring the country along the road to freedom from British rule.
  • John Ford directed Drums Along the Mohawk which features Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert and settlers who must survive attacks from both the British and Indians during the Revolutionary War.
  • The Disney kid flick Johnny Tremain follows the fictional title character's patriotic role in various events leading to the Revolution.
  • Pick up the documentaries in the Founding of America set to get the facts about the men and events behind the creation of this nation.
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