Flick Picks 6/5

New This Week

John Carter: underrated intelligent sci-fi popcorn flick or overstuffed bomb? This week you can judge for yourself as Disney's adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs's classic story comes out on DVD and Blu-ray. Then come back to earth for the tense thriller Safe House, about CIA agents in South Africa. It stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds and is also available on both DVD and Blu-ray.

There are some big TV series releases coming out this week with season 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm leading the pack. In this season Larry heads to New York and discomfort ensues. AMC's Breaking Bad is as addictive as the crystal meth the characters produce and the fourth season hits the shelves this week.

BBC fans have some good options this week too. Everyone's favorite surly doctor Doc Martin is back for a fifth season, and now he's got a baby with him! Also from the Beeb, New Tricks is back for a seventh season!

The USA Network is also putting out fun, quality shows. White Collar, about a con man turned FBI consultant, is on its third season - lots of time to get caught up on seasons one and two this summer! Burn Notice is fun and sexy and is all the way up to the fifth season. Or try the new Fairly Legal about a female lawyer turned mediator who tries to get along with her father's young widow (who just happens to run the law firm where she works)!

If you're looking for an intriguing documentary with an artistic bent, try The Woodmans. Francesca Woodman was a photographer who committed suicide at the age of 22, only to have her reputation swell in ensuing years. Her parents, also artists, wrestle with her death while also trying to find fulfillment through their own artistic practices. The film has a 94% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes and could easily be enjoyed by those of you who like other quirky artistic documentaries like Marwencol.

You can access and put holds on all of our new and upcoming DVDs in Bibliocommons.

One you might have missed

The Mill and the Cross is a beautiful film that is about art and is a piece of art itself. Rutger Hauer plays painter Pieter Bruegel, walking among the setting of his epic 1564 painting "Way to Calvary". The film is both a lesson in the creation of art and the history behind the creation. But most impressively the film is like a painting itself - it is lush and gorgeous in its scenery. There are some violent scenes but they are a reflection of the time that the painter was living and and trying to refer to in his portrayal of Christ's collapse under the weight of the cross. The film also stars Michael York and Charlotte Rampling.

Don't forget about Movies on the Green!
Friday, June 8th at sundown we will be cosponsoring The Muppets on Wyman Green. Other films this summer will be Puss in Boots on July 13th and Soul Surfer on August 8th.

Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee!

You might not be able to fly to the UK for the Diamond Jubilee celebration so grab some royal DVDs to celebrate at home! The Queen is a five-part docudrama from Britain, following Queen Elizabeth over five episodes in her life. It is not to be confused with the Helen Mirren movie The Queen, also about Queen Elizabeth. Queen Victoria's Empire is a look at the queen who once ruled over 1/5th of humanity.The BBC documentary Windsor Castle shows you a year inside the Queen's favorite home. Or settle down for a while with the exhaustive 16 episode series Monarchy.

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