Flick Picks 11/19/13: 2 Guns, The World's End, We're the Millers, Planes

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ENTERTAINMENT: Denzel Washington has one and Mark Wahlberg has one, and when we put them together we get 2 Guns! Washington and Wahlberg play an undercover DEA agent and a Naval Intelligence officer who are thrown together while on the trail of a Mexican drug pusher played by Edward James Olmos. Expect to see a lot more than two guns by the end of this buddy thriller. We've got it on DVD and Blu-ray. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright team up again to finish what is being referred to as The Cornetto Trilogy, the first two films of which were the hilarious Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The third in the loosely connected series -The World's End - follows five old friends as they attempt to recreate a pub crawl from their youth.

Also this week, former SNLer Jason Sudekis is a small time drug dealer who must put together a fake family (including stripper Jennifer Aniston as his wife) and escape to Mexico after upsetting his supplier in We're the Millers. The studio that brought us Cars decides to stretch its wings and offer up another animated talking vehicle vehicle with Planes. Dane Cook, Stacy Keach and Teri Hatcher are just a few of the human stars offering up their voices. Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza plays a young overachiever who decides to experience life before she goes to college in the raunchy and explicit comedy The To Do List. Michael Cera is a young American travelling through Chile who meets up with a free spirited young woman while searching for a rare hallucinogenic cactus in the rambling comedy Crystal Fairy.

SERIES: The first made-for-Netflix series Lilyhammer finally arrives on DVD. This darkly comic show features The Sopranos' Steven Van Zandt as a (surprise!) mobster who goes into hiding in Norway. Also this week, the residents of New Orleans returns for a third season of Treme.

FOREIGN: Hannah Arendt is set during the 1961 Adolf Eichmann trials (which produced Arendt's "banality of evil" concept) and superbly captures the brilliant mind of philosopher Arendt. Audrey Tautou's title character in Therese wants to escape her boring marriage in this beautiful historical drama set in southwest France.

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John F. Kennedy on Video

Friday is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and there has been no shortage of coverage in the news as of late. The library also has a number of videos to help you remember Kennedy and his place in American history.

  • Take a look back to the early days of JFK's administration as Jackie Kennedy leads you on A Tour of the White House.
  • The PBS American Experience program The Presidents looks at the history and legacy of the Kennedys in politics.
  • The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings focuses on the Kennedys and the Irish-Catholics in America.
  • The History Channel's The Kennedys is a dramatization of their lives and scandals and stars Greg Kinnear as JFK.
  • Parkland is the recent feature film starring Zac Efron and Billy Bob Thornton about the chaotic events following JFK's assassination.
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