At Risk

I had never read anything by Stella Rimington when I saw a review for her new book, The Geneva Trap. I thought I should read the first book in the series before I read any other one so I checked out At Risk. Stella Rimington is an ex-MI5 officer who rose to be the first female director general of the organization. This gives her a great perspective from which to write these books which feature Liz Carlyle, a British intelligence officer. 

Liz Carlyle is a female intelligence officer - a woman in a male dominated and testosterone filled world.  She runs her own group of agents and has a pretty good record for solving problems. While at a joint task force meeting, it is announced that an "invisible" is about to be unleashed by a terrorist group. An invisible is a native of the country that is targeted. There are various view points about this actually occurring, who should be in charge and whether they will share information.  While this is going on, Liz finds herself receiving calls from another controller's agent who is giving her information about a people smuggling operation. When one of the smugglers turns up dead, shot with a specialized method, Liz starts piecing together the information.

Fast paced, with a great storyline, the book is timely. It deals with Islamic terrorists in western countries. While the book is not tech heavy (think Clancy), there is enough spy information to satisfy the espionage junkie. Definitely worth the read.

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