American National Biography - Biographies of over 17,000 notable Americans.

America's News Magazines - Find information on topics of current interest including business, science and technology. Features Newsweek, Foreign Affairs, Popular Science, the Smithsonian and more.

Art Museum Image Gallery - An online collection of over 155,000 works of art from around the world.

BibMe - Create your works cited page with this fully automatic free bibliography generator

Britannica Online - Full text of the encyclopedia plus suggested Internet resources.

Chicago Sun-Times - Full text 1986 - present.

Chicago Tribune - Full text 1985 - present.

Chicago Tribune Archives - Full text 1849 - 1988.

CodeCademy - Learn to code with these step-by-step, interactive lessons.

Europeana Collections –  Multi-lingual collection of millions of digitized items from European museums, libraries, archives and multi-media collections

Gale LitFinder - Discover literary works and authors, covering short essays, poems and more.

Gale Student Resources in Context - Provides information for students on a variety of hot topics from books, articles and websites.

Gale Virtual Reference Library - 300+ full text reference sources on a full range of subjects.

Gale Virtual Reference Library: Arts - Full text reference sources on various topics related to the arts.

Gale Virtual Reference Library: Biography - Full text reference sources offering biographies of popular and historical figures.

Gale Virtual Reference Library: Literature - Full text reference sources on various topics related to books and literature.

Gale Virtual Reference Library: Medicine - Full text reference sources related to medicine.

Gale Virtual Reference Library: Science - Full text reference sources on various science topics.

History Reference Center - Full text content from nearly 2000 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books.

Illinois Driving Tests - Preparing for your driving exam? Learn online from home at our Driving Test training page. Take practice tests, review study guides and download material to help you succeed. Motorcycle, CDL study material are also available!

Library of Congress Digital Collections 

Literary Reference Center - Plot summaries, author biographies, book reviews and more from literary journals and encyclopedias.

New York Times - Full text of the newspaper from 1980 to the present; full text of the Book Review and Magazine 1997-present.

New York Times (Historical) - Full text 1851 - 2013.

Pronunciator - learn new languages with these interactive online courses. Pronunciator also offers an app for iPhones, iPods, and iPads, Android Mobile, Android Tablets and a Kindle Fire App.

Science Reference Center - Articles, images and videos from journals and encyclopedias.

SIRS Researcher - Selected full-text resources on leading issues of the day.

Sparticl –  Sparticl includes answers to science questions, images, videos, games, and hands-on activities, all curated by a team of experts.

Special Report and Hot Topics - Includes national and international topics of current interest. It is a great spot for students to find search topics and articles on key issues and monthly themes including National Poetry Month, Earth Day, 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and more.

The United Nations 

US Census Bureau 

Wolfram Alpha – A computational knowledge engine that allows students to check their work on complex math and physics problems.