AR BookFinder – Find books in your AR level, or check the AR level and points of a book you want to read.

BibMe - Create your works cited page with this fully automatic free bibliography generator

Brittanica Online Kids – A research and homework help tool from Encyclopedia Brittanica

Britannica Online - Full text of the encyclopedia plus suggested Internet resources.

CodeCademy -- Learn to code with these step-by-step, interactive lessons.

DK Find Out! – DKfindout! is a free online encyclopedia designed especially for kids ages 7 to 11 that brings together the very best of DK's images and educational book content.

Gale Student Resources in Context - Provides information for students on a variety of hot topics from books, articles and websites.

Gale Virtual Reference Library - 300+ full text reference sources on a full range of subjects.

Khan Academy – Free online classes, lessons, and courses.

Lexile – Find books in your Lexile level, or check the Lexile of a book you want to read.

Sparticl – Sparticl includes answers to science questions, images, videos, games, and hands-on activities, all curated by a team of experts.