Check out these apps, available as free downloads from the App Store/Google Play store.

- YouTube 360 - Youtube hosts many 360° videos, taking full advantage of VR's head tracking to place you in the center of the action.

- Discovery VR - The Discovery Channel's VR app includes a variety of 360-degree video experiences from some of their most popular shows.

- NYT VR - From the New York Times, this app lets you watch Virtual Reality films on news and educational topics.

- Google Expeditions - A "Virtual Field Trip" app that lets you (and others sharing the same wifi network) visit over 600 locations together.

- StreetView - If you've used Streetview on your computer to check out somewhere you found on Google Maps, this app places you right in the center of that view.

- Google Cardboard Camera - Use your phone to take 360° photographs you can view later.